WIN A Bundle Of Delicious SIRENS Pre-Mixed Cocktails (2 Winners)

SIRENS make simply fabulous pre-mixed cocktails. They’re great. Elegant presentation and interesting flavours combine to create a truly memorable product. One which they’re gifting to two lucky subscribers in our SIRENS competition.

And we’re excited about it. SIRENS cocktails are some of the best premixed drinks around. And we’re not just taking their word for it, read our SIRENS review here. We thought they were completely fabulous and you will too.

Beautifully packaged and design led, the cocktails come in three varieties, Eros, Ludus and Storge. And they’re not like any cocktails we’d tasted before.

Beautifully packaged and design led…

Eros is rum based with coconut water and blue agave, the cocktail tastes of watermelon, sencha shizuoka with timut pepper and chilli and an aroma of blood orange.

Storge has a unique flavour, this time with a creamy finish. As before, rum, coconut water and blue agave combined with grapefruit, lavender and chamomile, aromatic bitters and orange. It’s seriously zingy and the lavender notes are delicious.

Finally Ludus is tea and rum, with Bergamot, Lapsang Souchong and Ceylon Black along with lemon combined again with the rum, coconut water and blue agave base and an aroma of vetiver. Unexpected and delicious!

Two winners will each receive a bundle of all three cocktails. But you can buy them for £12 a cocktail yourself. It’s not an outrageous outlay and you’ll certainly enjoy them. Click here to purchasePLUS you’ll get 1 free for every one you buy until the end of January with the code MINDERASER. Or don’t and simply enter the competition.

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    SIRENS are running this competition and it’s open from Thursday 4th January. The competition will run until Monday 4th March with two winners each receiving three bottles of SIRENS cocktails.

    The prizes are not transferable, not redeemable for cash and are not for re-sale. The prize can only go to the confirmed winners and we will choose three winners at random. Entrants must be 18 years or older to enter and living in the United Kingdom. Winners will be announced and contacted by Monday 11th March and the prize must be acknowledged before Monday 18th March. By filling out the entry form, entrants are signing up to The Sauce’s email communications and emails from SIRENS. SIRENS reserves the right to make alterations to the terms and conditions of this giveaway if required. And, of course, by filling out this form, entrants agree to these terms and conditions.

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